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You may or may not have heard but after piloting different models in the last 18 months beginning next year we are officially launching an off-line component to establish physical presence in local communities around the globe.

Our mission is to get more women closer to God through prayer; our vision is to get 1 million around the world united in prayer. Although we are a non-traditional unconventional ministry with 80% of our service to women delivered virtually we are now expanding our off-line efforts to bring GP prayer groups to local communities around the world where women can connect have fellowship, food, fun on the strength of our faith.

Do you have what it takes to be an ambassador?

  • GP Ambassadors must be a woman of faith/believer of Jesus the Christ

  • GP Ambassadors are active members of a local church

  • GP Ambassadors are positive people and an encourager to all

  • GP Ambassadors are good at organizing small gatherings and events

  • GP Ambassadors are passionate about empowering women or purposed to serve women

  • GP Ambassadors are genuine, kind people who are good at networking/fellowshipping

  • GP Ambassadors are good at establishing and managing relationships

  • GP Ambassadors are natural leaders with or without a title or have a desire to lead

  • GP Ambassadors commit 10-15 hours per month for a minimum 1 year commitment with no other volunteer commitments in a similar ministry

What is the role and responsibility of an ambassador?

  • Promote the mission and vision of GP

  • Serve as the GP local organizer and primary contact for women in the local market

  • Manage the GP local Facebook presence for the designated area

  • Plan and host GP local monthly meet-up

  • Lead/facilitate the discussions

  • Manage communication and responds to local request

  • Attends GP local meetings/training sessions

  • Serves for minimum of 1 year

  • Commits to 10-15 hours per month

To apply for GP Local Ambassador Role, click here to submit your application.Opportunities available in all markets however we need Ambassadors in our primary markets including Atlanta, Chicago, Charlotte, DC, Philadelphia, NJ, NY, CT and outside of the US openings in UK, Canada, South Africa.

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